Data Residency & Security

Cloud Computing is been adapted widely in many industrial sectors across the world. With adaption comes security concerns. Data residency and and Data security are the key concerns of everyone when moving to cloud.

We, at Apstrix ensures Privacy and Prevention of Data loss for all our clients.

The main concerns with Data Residency are:

  • Who manages and access the data ?
  • Where is the data stored and what laws apply ?
  • Will you know when data is breached ?
  • Will data remain in the cloud even after the contract termination ?


We implement data encryption and tokenization to overcome data residency concerns. We convert clear text data to cyber text which cannot be read by anyone other than our clients who retains the encryption key. Also we assure the actual data will resides locally in our token database. So that makes the data more secured and will be accessible only to the custodian of the database. So as we ensure internal and external threats to the database.

Data Migration

Akstech Cloud Service Team helps you to migrate your data from a physical server to the cloud, or migrating to a new cloud provider or to a new deployment region. We thoroughly understand how important it is for organisations to go through the data migration process conveniently and as per schedule. We provides a comprehensive cloud migration solution which includes the following aspects

We provides a comprehensive cloud migration solution which inclues the following aspects.

System Assessment: Evaluation of orginisation's basic needs aswell as its future capasity and estimate usage.

Migration Design : Generate a tailored system architecture and transformation plan for the migrations ensuring an high performance solution.

Migration Implementation: Ensures complete heterogeneous and homogeneous migration between different management system (incl NON Sql Database).