What is Ecommerce??


Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, is widely used as a Online store to allow buying and selling of products or services anytime, anywhere with the use of INTERNET.
With the evolution from Offline to Online shopping, Ecommerce solutions had proven to be the BIG THING in all businesses that provides services and products to consumers.

How does Ecommerce benefit you ??

With the use of Ecommerce solutions, businesses can keep their business 24hours ongoing, Afterall Internet doesn’t sleep right? 🤷‍♀️ Consumers are able to shop at any point of time from your store, bringing in revenue for you while you are asleep.

With the use of Ecommerce, merchants are able to handle their inventories and products’ updating in a much easier manner using the backend functions of Ecommerce Websites. Moreover, with the increasing trend in automation tools for Ecommerce, your virtual Online Store can even helps to retain and attract customers with different means.



Get a full overview of your total orders, online shopper profiles, sales analytics, and other important information at a quick glance.

User Management

With admin user access, your eCommerce store will always be updated and organised.

Product Management

Update your product details in terms of price, quantity, option and more on your ecommerce site in a much easier and smarter manner.

Technical Support

We’ll guide you on how to fully access the backend system easily, before your ecommerce site is launched. 1 YEAR FREE SITE MAINTENANCE.


Sky is the limit:

  • Unlimited Product Categories- Creating unlimited number of product categories or even additional categories such as New Releases and Promotional Items.
  • Unlimited Products – Zero limitation to the number or type of products that you can sell on your ecommerce site, your product catalogue can always be expanded anytime
  • Options & Attributes – Colors, sizes, shapes – Regardless of your variations, you have unlimited options to configure it.
  • Inventory Database Management – Managing your entire inventory and stock status automatically. Backorders can also be called and add them to cart when customers purchase.
  • Product Import & Export – Importing or exporting of your products to update large volume of information e.g. a list of products, prices and inventory quickly and efficiently.



Customers can request for exchange and refund via their accounts, and these will be reflected on the backend for you to do the process. Customers will be able to track the status of refund and exchange as well. Increasing the confidence in them.

Customer Group Management

Grouping your clients under different categories to implement special pricings or discount strategies.

Product Configurable Search Function

Product filters are a great way for your customers to refine and narrow down search to find their desired products. When life is made easier, happy customers are generated.

Product Sorting

Product sorting using the features such as Sort by Newest to Oldest, Sort by Highest Price, and more. 

Product Reviews & Ratings

Earn the confidence of customers with the customer review and rating system function.

Guest Registration

Enable guest checkout for the customers who don’t want to be registered. They have the option to checkout via Facebook login or using of their email address.

Recommended Products

Managing inventory levels and customer-demand, based on their activities on your site, to increase the likelihood of their purchase.

Discount Codes & Coupons

From percentage discounts to discount codes, you can tailor any kind of discount for your customers, whenever.

Reward Points Program

Increasing customer lifetime value and return purchases by having a reward program by rewarding them for shopping with you.

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart function automatically calculates the total weight of the items in your cart and applicable shipping charge(s), giving customers the full overview of breakdowns.

Quick Order

Ease of purchase with a radio button or a drop-down menu function that allows products to be added to the shopping cart easily.

Customer Wishlist

Better customer experience by allowing your customers to add products to lists that can be shared publicly with friends or kept for their own reminders.

Delivery Module, Payments & Reports

Payment Gateways

Integration with a wide range of local cashless payment gateways such as, PayPal, Master, Visa, Paynow and many more. You can even include manual payment method such as Cash on Delivery (COD)

Customer Invoices

Managing customer’s invoice details with a system-generated function that can be integrated in your online store’s backend.

System Reports

Monitoring of sales transactions and tracking of inventory levels with a variety of reports. Have a special requirement for integration? Speak to us! We allow compatible integrations with extensions.

Delivery Setup

Choose from a wide range of shipping terms such as ‘Next Day Delivery’ and ‘Standard Delivery’. You can also include Shipping Rules and Terms to alert your customers.

Delivery Processing

Upon every successful purchase, a Delivery Order document with full details of your customer’s order will be generated via email together with an embedded delivery tracking number.

Advanced Features

Marketplace Synchronisation
Synchronise your ecommerce store to the marketplace and establish custom settings for product listings, payment providers and more.

Newsletter Subscription
Integrating MailChimp or other newsletter subscription services with your Ecommerce Site so that your customers are always up to date with the latest news and promotions.

Live Chat
Live chat widgets of your preferred choice, Facebook messenger or our own In-House Chat Widget will be integrated to increase efficiency of your customer service.

Social Media
Promote your ecommerce store via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Increasing exposure to the public and traffic.

Mobile Responsive
Optimized to allow website to load well and function well using a smartphone. Ease of use for your customers while they shop via their smart phone.

Integrated with SEO Plugin makes it easy for you to do things like control titles and meta descriptions, set your targeted keywords and track how often you’re using them, manage sitemaps, and much more.


Marketing Automation

Abandoned Cart
Personalizing your (message) to alert customers to come back to finish their checkout when they had left the cart without checking out.

Automated sending of emails to your customers (who had not been actively purchasing for a period of time) to entice them to head over your online store to purchase their products. This strategy will allow your customers to be constantly keep you in their mind.


Upselling based on their past purchase history. You can increase your revenue by recommending products to be upsell to them.

Out of stock
Automated emails will be sent to customers to alert them that stocks had arrived. Encouraging them to head over to do the shopping. Bringing increase in your sales revenue.