Smart Fleet (Delivery Management System)

35+ Clients Actively Using
F&B, Retail etc
Backoffice Web(PHP), iOS & Android (Flutter)
Web Application, Mobile Application

Apstrix Delivery Mobile App is a mobile application which can be use to manage their daily pickup/delivery task.This will also give us a permanent way to store records, store customer information so that our administrative work will transit to a paperless system. This scheduling system will be updated through a web portal using a desktop or laptop, and the delivery schedule will be reflected within an app in the phone of our delivery staff. When making multiple deliveries, these delivery staff will be able to refer to their phones for the customers’ addresses, name, contact number, type of product to deliver for easier reference (compared to handwritten paper). For the staff packing the products to be delivered, they will also not have to worry about handwritting being unreadable and packing in the wrong products.

Cyber Security

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable.

Data Analytics

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable.

Testing & QA

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable.

Advantages Of The System

Reduce potential customer complaints if there are too many orders for us to keep track. Making sure the staff packing products to be delivered will be able to pack in the right orders. Making sure the delivery staff will have in the mobile phone all the details they need to make a quick delivery, and to have the customer contact on hand should there be no one at home to receive the products. Both older workers are general workers who will be responsible in either of these roles – packing / taking orders / making deliveries.


  1. David Parker
    May 7, 2020

    We realised we really wanted to catch a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes of the companies we looked up to. And we thought other people would want to know too.

    • Harry Olson
      May 7, 2020

      So we decided to organise an event to share these stories. Today, we run monthly Show & Tell events and an annual conference.


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